Sometimes a special piece of art is found that is loved so much an entire room or space is designed to celebrate and accentuate that artwork. Most of the time; however, the vision for a room comes first and needs a great piece of art to complete the space.


Let’s get started!

STEP 1: I’ll contact you and we can chat about what you like about my recent paintings. Which do you prefer and what about them interests you? Do you have a preference over board, canvas or linen?

STEP 2: Let’s get a feel for the space. If possible, it is very helpful if I can see the place where the new piece will be placed in person. If not, fear not, I can get a feel for the vibe with photos of the room and information about the design motif, mood, lighting, wall color and other decor choices.

STEP 3: I’ll help you decide the size of the painting you need for the intended space. Make sure to keep in mind if you think you will frame or mat the piece.

STEP 4: At this point, I’ll provide pricing information and propose a contract for the completion of your custom artwork. I’ll need a 50% deposit, with the remaining balance, plus shipping will be due upon completion.

STEP 5: Before I begin your custom painting, let’s make sure we are on the same page. I’ll provide some preliminary studies of your piece.

STEP 6: You’ll sign off on a final study and I’ll begin painting!

STEP 7: Time to kick back and relax while I make our shared vision a reality. Depending on my current schedule custom paintings generally take around 10 weeks for completion. While working on your piece, you’ll receive notes and photos to keep you in the loop on the progress.

STEP 8: It’s done! I’ll send you a final photo of the finished work along with an invoice for the remaining balance.

STEP 9: Once I’ve received final payment, I’ll personally deliver your piece, if you’re local, so I can thank you in person for this great honor. If you’re not local, we’ll figure out the best shipping option to make sure your custom Amy Kadrmas original arrives safe and sound.


Let’s make a masterpiece!

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