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My paintings are abstractions...

What does that mean?

Rather than attempt to replicate what I see, I intuitively paint my personal emotional reactions with the intention to inspire quiet moments of appreciation and reflection.


Bring peaceful inspiration into your home.

Browse the current SUMMER HUES collection of Amy Kadrmas original fine art oil and multi-media paintings available for purchase.

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Interested in a painting in a certain size or color scheme? You can request a commission of your own custom Amy Kadrmas original.

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About the Artist

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m an artist.

I’ve held many titles in my lifetime but artist has always been among them. For as long as I can remember creating from my imagination and playing with color has been a consistent love of mine.

I’m happy to have come to place in my life that creating art is now my primary focus in life, second to only my role as wife and mother.

Being able to express what’s deep in my heart on a daily basis brings me so much joy. I feel I am doing what I was created to do!


Follow Along...

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