I am enamored with
the wonders of nature...

the accidental (or non-accidental)
beauty occurring everywhere around us.


My paintings are abstractions of the natural occurring splendor of the world around us. Rather than attempt to replicate what I see, I paint my personal emotional responses to the light and color with the intention to inspire quiet moments of appreciation and reflection.

When I begin a piece, I don’t know what it will look like in the end. I love to paint intuitively, allowing one brush stroke to inform the other. The challenge is to get out of my own way and resist the temptation to over-analyze and instead let the piece reveal itself organically.

This process of letting go control, while painting, has become a powerful meditation that greatly benefits all areas of my life. I have found the more I am able to allow the creativity to flow unhindered the more expressive the painting and the more satisfied I feel after creating the piece.

My goal, conceptually, is to create paintings that are visually stimulating while reveling in ambiguity, invoking personal emotional reactions for the viewer.